KDE 4 Thoughts
January 11, 2008

Personally, I am holding off on KDE 4. Yesterday, I checked out the KDE Four Live disk with RC2++ and to be frankly honest, really let down.

Some of the new changes, seem cludgy. Such as the menu, giving no easy and quick way to drop back folders, just close it entirely and reopen (which seems a bit silly), or click, click, click, click on the back arrow. This is annoying to me, because sometimes applications get their shortcuts automatically installed to a location I might not think it should be, and so when I'm hunting around for them to find out where the folder is, things slow down (the search thing is nice, but I like to know where stuff is too). Or oops, I clicked the wrong folder, and unlike before, I cant just move my mouse a few pixels over to highlight what I meant to go after to change, I have to move around and click some more. Yeah, this is minor, but, the new kmenu was supposed to make things faster and easier, where as this is a bit of a regression.

I WANT TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE THE KICKER! I HATE, HATE, HATE a big fat kicker. Yeah, I know it is "Plasma" now, but why the fuck should you REMOVE functionality? Also, I liked my LCD looking clock! I had my theme how I liked it, thin kicker, bland grey, Clock with LCD look, Plastik and Keramik mix on the theme. It was small, bland, and utilitarian.

Control Center. How do I start with this. It looks like shit. Takes up WAY too much screen real estate for what it does. It is kinda similar to the Windows Control Panel and OSX System Preferences, BUT GONE WRONG! Also, with the tabs, shit is more difficult to hunt down.

Basically, I would like some of the old ways brought back. Old style Kmenu, with a search bar at the bottom would be nice. Normal Kmenu look, but when you search, it converts into the List style. Old style control center. Ability to make the new plasma kicker as customizable as the old kicker. I had been looking forward to KDE4 for a while, even been using the 3.5 backport of Dolphin for months, but with some of the things I had issues on, everyone kept reassuring me that "oh, you can make it look how it used to". If that is still the case, let me know how.

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February 2, 2007

This one kinda makes me wonder how it slipped past my radar for so long. Pixel is a image editor much more in the vein of Photoshop, than GIMP. Something that makes graphics people happy. What perks my interest though, is that it is cross platform, with BSD and Linux support. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

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Wika wii wow

First up at bat today, Linux.com had an article about a new open source project, the Linux Guitar. The basic concept is that the guitar will be able to record what is being played, add its own effects, etc. Also, all that goes into the guitar, even the shape and layout will be freely available. Pretty sweet.

Next up, according to Destructoid, Nintendo still hasn't released the specs for online play with the wii. This most likely means that Nintendo hasn't finished the spec, which really sucks.

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Burning up the blog
March 1, 2005

ooh, 3 posts in less than 12 hours, maybe because I check the server on a constant basis, and I see it since he's sitting under my bed that I will remember to write a bit.

One of the changes I made was on the main page I designed a new logo to sport my Apache usage. Gave it a bit of a crayon drawn look, I really like how it turned out.

Slowly I'll get something decent setup for the main part of the site.

Also, was reading about the Linux Terminal Server Project (www.ltsp.org) and was thinking about trying it out on good ole funkyshit. Reason beeing is that I recently got a itty bitty 486 motherboard and was thinking about making it be embedded, so I could have like "the digital desk" or some shit. Probably just have it crunch SETI work units. "WOWEEY! It only took a whole NINTY SIX hours to crunch that one!". I'll let you know how it goes.

Today I am going to work on help Eric getting his fridge and stove into his new house. Not sure if it will be me and Wes, or if Eric will be there. Lately, Eric aint been doing his own crap.

After that, going to the car club meeting tonight. Its back at the Roadhouse (JJ's, but we still call it Roadhouse) now, so that means I can eat a bit tasty bit of cow butt between bread.Mmm-mm, I can feel my arteries hardening already.

Between now and then, the only thing I got going on is talking with friends, playing with the piggies, and updating some stuff on FS.

BTW, can Ausmade BE anymore of an asshat? He came in to chat, said this

–> WRModder (~buzz@549FD169.13086EF9.5104E5F4.IP) has joined #streetrod3
* WRModder thinks that shitrod3 is as dead as can be, how pathetic, suits the forum as well…as it's full of dead fucks…why i wasted all that time with you bunch of fucking loser's….oh yeah and hellmark…you won't get a g/f because women want a real man not a boy…muahahaha….
<– WRModder (~buzz@549FD169.13086EF9.5104E5F4.IP) has left #streetrod3

and then left. Andy, you are an asshole. For someone who supposedly knows so much about women, why did your wife divorce you? (I do isee it was she who did the dumping). If I wanted to be mean, I could post your wedding photo for a laugh. For this being the net and all, and you claiming that it doesn't effect you, you take things rather personal.

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Now with SANE

Got my scanner running today on this machine. SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) added backend support for the NIASH chipset scanners, which happens to include the HP Scanjet 3300C scanner I have. Been playing with that.

Also, Wednesday I dropped a grand on a vinyl plotter, and gonna spend about another $500 on getting vinyl. My wallet hates me right now…

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