Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a good time. The usual shit here, basically nothing.

Last night pulled the engine on the Jimmy. The tranny is also hosed on it. Who ever messed with it last only had 2 out of 6 bolts in the bellhousing… Lazy ignorant fuckers. Anyway, it was all hosed, and a chunk had broken off the casing of the tranny. Such fun.

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Things have been a bit screwy here. Earlier this week net connection was cut, because they thought I was using too much bandwidth (even though I had it capped at 20k max upstream). Got most of the stuff from that fixed.

Got some more supplies in for doing designs on clothing. Hope to start doing that soon.

Also, got several machines around here to fix. Eric's computer (bigshit) burned its powersupply, also gotta do some work for some friends in the car club.

Yet to get another tranny for the Jimmy yet. Still trying to find one that matches.

As a final, sad note, Fluffy died today. Apparently sometime late last night/early morning, he was attacked and didn't fair too well. He held on for a while afterwards. Really kinda sad, because he was such a great chicken. I'll miss him.

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tired hell

Not too terribly much going on here. Getting SR3 moved over to a SVN setup instead of CVS. Hope to get it up soon, just been busy. Ran into some issues with Sourceforge's scripts. Also been practicing my pinstriping a bit still, having fun. Got my '50 running, and hope to get it on the road soon. Will report back later with some thoughts on shit.

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As some of you know, that despite being 21, I've not had my full drivers license, due to having panic attacks and failing the drivers exam on several occaisions, leaving me with just the permit. Well, today, I finally passed! YEAH! No more getting worried and freaking out with people watching over my shoulder as I drive!

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