October 1, 2008

Another of my projects I am working on, has somewhat gone live.

Rather that keeping it under wraps till things are going, due to its nature, I'm launching right away. is a site that helps you sort through the crap, and find out what games are good, that will easily fit in any poor man's budget. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is an area that I excel in. Anyway check it out, see it evolve. Hopefully soon will have a better layout up.

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Rockband or Guitar Hero
September 18, 2008

As some of you may know, I like the guitar music games, and currently have GH on my Wii. That is no secret. I may not be all that good (real instrument playing ability does not transfer well), but it is fun. But now, especially that I own a 360, I am faced with a decision in the near future. Rockband 2 or Guitar Hero World Tour?

As far as Guitar Hero goes, the hamhanded treatment of the wii for 3 has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Plus, for World Tour, it seems as if they're doing a bit of copycatting, by adding the other instruments, to stay afloat. Plus the creation of all the additional games, rather than expansion packs or downloadable content, is a bit shitty. Yeah, I'll pay $60 for a game that has one third the normal amount of songs! Pffht. I mean, Activision is saying they want three times the number of guitar hero games by 2010. As is they have Guitar Hero 1, 2, 3 and Aerosmith. Add in world tour, and thats 5 games. Even if you leave out WT, they're wanting 12 games total in about a year. Already on tap is Metallica and possibly Hendrix. They're whoring themselves out. But, WT does offer some cool things, such as custom song creation, and the drumset looks cool with the cymbals.

One reason to go the Rockband route, is the amount of DLC. All the songs from RB1 (with the exception of 3 songs for legal reasons), both on the disk, and DLC, are available in 2. That's a huge reason in my book. I know I hated that in GH, where there were a handful of songs I wanted in other versions, but oh, not available to me unless I wanted to get everything for a different system. Not to mention, it is by Harmonix, who created Guitar Hero, and have been doing music games for years now. They know what they're doing.

I dunno, I'll probably go the Rock Band route, unless some really bad ass songs appear on Guitar Hero.

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Gaming Junky
September 13, 2008

After my usual sort of horsetrading, I am now a member of the Wii60 segment of the gaming populous. Why did I do it? Don't I love my Wii anymore? Yes I do, but, the fact of the matter is that the Wii is severely lacking in some areas. (no, not graphics, doesn't really bother me).

The Wii has shit for decent games. Basically the handful of games that Nintendo released, and a few third party games. The rest, all shovelware. And a large portion of the games available more or less are the same thing. I am not a minigame fan, so that removes like 75% of the games for me. The rest of the games are more childish, which while are often great, sometimes I just feel like picking up a gun and blowing someone's head off. Not a huge number of games that do that on the Wii (Yes, I know some do, and I have those games already). Plus online support is nonexistant, and really kinda sucky when a game does online things (takes forever to get a match in mariokart or brawl). What really pisses me off, is how the third party companies keep treating Wii owners as second class citizens, using third string devteams to make half baked ports. Guitar Hero 3, awesome game, but tons of issues on the wii, and promised things never arrived. Rock Band? No DLC. Spiderman 3? zOMGWTFBBQ! THE BRIDGE WAS CUT IN HALF!! When the Wii does something good, it does it really good. I love Godfather Blackhand Edition on the Wii. The motion controls take a mediocre game, and make it something special.

The 360 has really dropped in price (to where you can get it cheaper than the Wii), and has a huge catalog of games, thanks to backwards compatability (which isn't as good as the Wii's), and the extra numbers of native games (360 had an extra year to get games out, plus more games are being released for it). Plus this way, I dont have to miss out on any games. Awesome game comes out on Wii? I am there. Awesome game comes out on 360? Right in line. Awesome game comes out on both? Pick the system with the best features (which I have to admit, I do prefer some Wii games to the 360 counterpart). Basically, they each fill niches in my gaming desire. If I want a group game, or something silly, I go wii, if I want to blow something up, I go 360.

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Guitar Hero 3
October 28, 2007

Ok, managed to pick up Guitar Hero 3 at the midnight launch. Played it at work, and played a song on it so far here, and its really good. The guitar itself has been improved over the older ones, and have a nice action to them. Will report back with a more thorough rundown after I've played it more.

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It’s wiitime
October 19, 2007

The last few weeks have been good for my Wii game collection. Kurt got me a copy of Godfather dirt cheap (which rocks BTW), I got Cars and Resident Evil 4 for my birthday, and now I have the Bleachy goodness. Only took Sega a year to bring it stateside, but I have it now! As a long time fighter fan, playing with virtual swords using motion controls will rock.

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