March 23, 2005

power went out, turning everything off and ending funkyshit's uptime of 27 days. Plus that spurned on some IP issues. Fucking router won't do static IP's with DHCP enabled, nor will it give a requested IP….

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Fun Fun Silly Willy
March 16, 2005

Meh. worked a bit on the old family computer, since my brother is taking it and my mom wanted a document off it. Damn thing shot up to 145 degrees, idling. CPU was at 0%. Damn thing heated up my room to where its 10 or so degrees hotter than the rest of the house. Gotta get it cooled down before my bro takes it.

Not too much is going on. Watched Ice Age tonight, good movie. Also got a NNTP news server running on funkyshit here. Friend of mine is moving soon (He's been trekking over Europe and Canada now), and he's getting ready to head again, so wanted to stay in contact with some people, so I set up news, email, etc for him where he can get it all remotely.

As a thing that really sucked, on the PT, got ahold of the doc's today, and they said they wont give another order for PT without an appointment and work comp has to approve it. Fuckers.

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March 15, 2005

Dunno why, but lately I've been in a kick where I want to make a robot. I figure, make one using a 486, running Linux and controlled remotely via SSH or something, and using any other spare parts I can find or make. Dunno what I want to do yet. If anyone has ideas, let me know. I was thinking about making either a head that is sorta like Johnny 5's, with my webcam in it, and load it with a speaker and led's and light sensors, then have it able to turn its head on its own (to follow what its looking at), and speak using festival, or a robotic arm. Since i am not gonna run X or anything like that, the 486 should be fine.

also, made a uptime image

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March 6, 2005

Ok, got the webcam straightened out so that it will refresh. If it goes black, its because I dont want y'all to see me naked (least in public, email me for those interested).

Mike and Linda are in town, so gonna try do stuff with them today. Thats about it. Not sure what we're doing yet.

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No longer dazed and confused
March 5, 2005

Decided to make the nav links to the right be uniform. Now everything is pretty similar, so people will know where they are going, easily.

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