100th Entry!

Wooohoo! Entry #100!.

Today, picked up a nice little '88 GMC Jimmy with a 4.3 in it. Four wheel drive. Needs a little work, but seems really nice for the price.

Also, tomorrow morning Mom and Wes are heading out to California tomorrow. 10 days they'll be visiting his brothers and sister, and try to visit with my grandma. I'll be home taking care of the animals.

Trying to get back in the art swing a bit. Was having a block, couldnt come up with anything decent. Working on a painting now. Will post it when I'm done.

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More images uploaded

Uploaded some more images to the gallery. This time some of my Terragen landscapes.

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The hills have eyes…

No, I didnt see a shitty remake of a classic horror movie, but apparently, there are people who read what I say here. Really kinda surprising to me, and also humbling, since its not my intention to appeal to people. I've always thought of it as being more or less something I can do for fun, and if people read or look around here then its a cool bonus. Lately, been seeing posts being ranked. For those who read, I salute you. Hopefully, I can try and keep some quality topics up.

For those who view my gallery, I added another weapons sketch. I have a few more designs in the works, mostly with more flair and detail than others like the panabas. All of my designs are being based after real things I've seen, and I want to keep them fairly correct (so no fantasy, fake shit). Yeah, the chakram isn't dead on (not being balanced), because I like to take some creative licensing (when I started drawing that, I was thinking using something like that for more of a hand to hand combat than a thrown piece). I've been doing those for getting creative juiced flowing for some impending work I'll be doing.

In other news, the bastard from eBay is ignoring me and other people now. Tried calling him again, to no avail. If something isnt done by next monday, I'll be filing complaints with eBay and Paypal.

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