Asshats stealing code
March 12, 2005

Just read this interesting little bit –

While, I know blogs are editorials and dont always hold alot of stock in them (ironic, eh?) but alot of valid points are brought up, and stuff that can be proven too. Hope these whistledicks get their asses kicked.

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March 8, 2005

I've heard of it's legend. Something you hear around a campfire, you believe is made up solely to scare. I've become a witness, and now here to testify, that it is not just a fairy tale. It does exist…. There are….. POPUPS THAT FIREFOX CANNOT STOP!!!

Went to Zophar's (a directory of emulators) when I was hit by popunders from every link I went to. I suggest do not goto Zophar's while they still have this ad scheme.

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