Asshats stealing code
March 12, 2005

Just read this interesting little bit –

While, I know blogs are editorials and dont always hold alot of stock in them (ironic, eh?) but alot of valid points are brought up, and stuff that can be proven too. Hope these whistledicks get their asses kicked.

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March 8, 2005

I've heard of it's legend. Something you hear around a campfire, you believe is made up solely to scare. I've become a witness, and now here to testify, that it is not just a fairy tale. It does exist…. There are….. POPUPS THAT FIREFOX CANNOT STOP!!!

Went to Zophar's (a directory of emulators) when I was hit by popunders from every link I went to. I suggest do not goto Zophar's while they still have this ad scheme.

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March 6, 2005

Ok, got the webcam straightened out so that it will refresh. If it goes black, its because I dont want y'all to see me naked (least in public, email me for those interested).

Mike and Linda are in town, so gonna try do stuff with them today. Thats about it. Not sure what we're doing yet.

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No longer dazed and confused
March 5, 2005

Decided to make the nav links to the right be uniform. Now everything is pretty similar, so people will know where they are going, easily.

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More on video games

CBS is currently doing a series for their webpage on violence in video games. Last week they interviewed Supreme Masturbater Jack Thompson about his thoughts on violence in "Murder Simulators" (as he puts it). For those who don't know, Jack "Asshat" Thompson is a lawyer from Florida that feels its his job to get rid of video games because they are violent, and has been doing so since for the past 6 or so years. Before that he was known for suing over rap music. Basically, if it can be vulgar or violent he wants it banned. As a fun note, this guy also has had a hatred for Janet Reno since he lost to her in '88 for a position in Dade County, and since then he's tried slandering her in the news various times (from saying she's a lesbian, to having alzhiemer's, etc). Whether or not the things are true about those (I'd say probably not on most of the counts, a no comment on one of those though), he's never had proof. As with most of his claims on anything, he rarely has proof.

Anyway, This week they posted the second part of the series, which was a Tim Buckley Interview. For those who don't know Tim Buckley, he's the guy behind Control Alt Delete and a pretty cool guy (even if he is a dumbass in thinking Eve is a rip off of the Xbot). It seems to be really well done, not like some articles that are interviewing someone when they are biased against them. Next few weeks they'll have interviews with Scott Ramsoomair (of VGcats ), and others.

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