Meep meep.
March 3, 2005

Not much new is going on. Room's still a bit of a mess, although won't take long to clean it.

I'm cooking turkey potpies right now. Should be done in the next 20 minutes. Not sure what else I'm gonna have.

Today I rolled out the layout on the main part of the page too, along with a few tweaks. Trying to get the blog to more closely match those, but its being a pain. Hopefully I can get it done, because as of now a few of the links have swapped spaces.

Also, working on the car club webpage. Hate fucking ASP, shitty ass language.

Just thought I'd update you all on to whats happening in my boring life.

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Burning up the blog
March 1, 2005

ooh, 3 posts in less than 12 hours, maybe because I check the server on a constant basis, and I see it since he's sitting under my bed that I will remember to write a bit.

One of the changes I made was on the main page I designed a new logo to sport my Apache usage. Gave it a bit of a crayon drawn look, I really like how it turned out.

Slowly I'll get something decent setup for the main part of the site.

Also, was reading about the Linux Terminal Server Project ( and was thinking about trying it out on good ole funkyshit. Reason beeing is that I recently got a itty bitty 486 motherboard and was thinking about making it be embedded, so I could have like "the digital desk" or some shit. Probably just have it crunch SETI work units. "WOWEEY! It only took a whole NINTY SIX hours to crunch that one!". I'll let you know how it goes.

Today I am going to work on help Eric getting his fridge and stove into his new house. Not sure if it will be me and Wes, or if Eric will be there. Lately, Eric aint been doing his own crap.

After that, going to the car club meeting tonight. Its back at the Roadhouse (JJ's, but we still call it Roadhouse) now, so that means I can eat a bit tasty bit of cow butt between bread.Mmm-mm, I can feel my arteries hardening already.

Between now and then, the only thing I got going on is talking with friends, playing with the piggies, and updating some stuff on FS.

BTW, can Ausmade BE anymore of an asshat? He came in to chat, said this

–> WRModder (~buzz@549FD169.13086EF9.5104E5F4.IP) has joined #streetrod3
* WRModder thinks that shitrod3 is as dead as can be, how pathetic, suits the forum as well…as it's full of dead fucks…why i wasted all that time with you bunch of fucking loser's….oh yeah and hellmark…you won't get a g/f because women want a real man not a boy…muahahaha….
<– WRModder (~buzz@549FD169.13086EF9.5104E5F4.IP) has left #streetrod3

and then left. Andy, you are an asshole. For someone who supposedly knows so much about women, why did your wife divorce you? (I do isee it was she who did the dumping). If I wanted to be mean, I could post your wedding photo for a laugh. For this being the net and all, and you claiming that it doesn't effect you, you take things rather personal.

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February 28, 2005

Hey y’all, Keith here. Just thought I would kick off this blog thing. I am normally not too good about doing this type shit regularly, but since its on my own server, I might be somewhat regular about it. Who knows.

Only real thing going on is that I am trying to iron out a few bugs on FS here. Funkyshit is a surprisingly good and loyal machine. Only problem I have had with him lately, is for some reason the router keeps reassigning his IP, without warning and randomly. I have done some changes, and hope to get that taken care of soon. So, if you can’t reach my page for some reason, its because the router switched stuff and messed up my routing tables in the process.

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Enter Subject Here…

Not alot is going on today. Made up a few decals. Ikcerawag told me that the new system for trannies is working, so SR3 should handle more than a three speed now. Also just got finished updating packages on funkyshit.

Really the last thing we need to do before release is to get the cars sorted over to the new version, and in order to do that we need to fix the convertor. It's not translating the placement of the camera, so its going to 0,0,0, which is staring at the dashboard.

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After a week of being monitorless, I am back. Yesterday, as an early birthday present, I got a nice, badass 19" widescreen monitor. In serious lust with it.

Also, was able to fix the issue I had where rottenshit and funkyshit weren't talking (but other machines worked fine with both). Not quite sure what was going on, but its fixed.

Today, got to goto the Cards game, where we beat the Giants ass. 6-1. The new ball park is really nice, although still miss the old Busch.

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