Street Rod 3: Father's Day Edition

Today we released 0.4.4 of Street Rod 3. So enjoy!

Also, damn IP problem is being wierd.

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Sorry I wasnt around last few days, havent had a connection really since Sunday. On the plus side, got Funkyshit moved over to a static IP, and I think it took this time.

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40 days continuous uptime!

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Bill is doing better. Finally got a vet to come out, and he gave him some shots. Looks like he has pneumonia and pulmonary adiemia now. Fun fun.

Its been hectic here. feel like killing someone.

Also, after 41 days, Funkyshit was knocked off by a brownout. Fucking net connection is screwed up too.

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This just in..

If you guys were wondering why you couldnt get a hold of me this weekend, thats because I wasn't home. Went down to Branson with my Uncle Jay to visit some family. Was quite a bit of fun.

Today, I got my Mac. Hopefully I'll get the KVM and hub in the next day or so. Till then, I'll be using the Mac as my primary box so I can get the hang of things.

While I was gone, power was knocked out, so funkyshit had to be restarted.

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