Now with SANE
November 30, -0001

Got my scanner running today on this machine. SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) added backend support for the NIASH chipset scanners, which happens to include the HP Scanjet 3300C scanner I have. Been playing with that.

Also, Wednesday I dropped a grand on a vinyl plotter, and gonna spend about another $500 on getting vinyl. My wallet hates me right now…

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Router's being mister pissy and keeps dropping the wireless, for no reason.

Also, today, mom got a letter in the mail from the IRS saying she owes $24,000 in taxes for 2001. Thats kinda hard to believe, concidering thats alot more than she made that year. They decided to tax what was included in my Dad's 401k (which we still had at the time), however they neglected that we lost like 70% of what my dad put in. Fun times ahead.

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Oooga chucka

Ok, not been good around here lately. Wes' powersupply died, so he borrowed the one from my plotter machine, his replacement that came in is defective, the vaio laptop died midprint on the plotter, my brother's machine crapped out, backed up his drive to one of mine only to have the drive of mine that I backed up to crap out, his motherboard went out after I got it fixed. Also order a 50 pack spindle of DVDR's, and of the 10 I tried, all 10 made. Also, gotta fix my PDA, kernel update didnt go too good on it.

On the plus side, got a order a vinyl decals done up.

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Hell no like…

Things have been rather fucked around here. Busting ass working on computers, trying to get crimmus shit taken care of, problems with friends, etc.

Today was at one of the wierdest funeral services I've ever been to, 15 minute service at the funeral home, after which everyone left for another place that was more like a wedding reception rather than a wake. Plus there was some other bullshit.

Tonight, talking with a friend, and apparently, my cellphone isn't working quite right and so when people have been trying to call, they've not been getting through, and just been getting my voice mail. If they don't leave a message, I don't know that they've even called. Doesn't even list as a missed call or anything. Really kinda pissing me off because I've been playing phone tag with someone. Don't know why its doing this. Works part of the time, so thats why before tonight when I was told about it, and was actively trying to get a hold of someone, that I didn't know about it. The calls I really want most, I'm not getting, and the bullshit ones like someone I barely knew from highschool trying to get me to sign up in the army, I get.

Other news, added more RAM to my plotter machine, runs alot better now, and also got a 128mb stick to drop in funkyshit after the next time its powered down (don't want to do it now, got an up time of 39 days).

Christmas is next week, really not looking forward to it. So far, this season has been bullshit up untill this point and doesnt look like letting up any.

Other stuff thats going on I'd rather not go into right now.

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I know this has been talked about before, but for those who haven't seen it, the Optimus keyboard use OLED displays in each of the keys, and in a nice aluminum shell. Well, looks like February it'll be released. Just looks fucking sweet, if you ask me.

Feel free to buy me one, or two, of those keyboards, please.

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