For those of you not paying attention, people, with aid from the Wiili project have got the wiimote working, with with accelerometers and as a pointer on OSX, Linux, and even Windows (admittedly, the Windows version of things is a bit of an ugly cludge to get things working, but then again, so is windows). This is some pretty sweet stuff. I got to play around with it today, and while things could be improved a bit (such as setting what the buttons do when pressed on the OSX side), it is still cool. Great for those who use a home theater PC.

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After a week of being monitorless, I am back. Yesterday, as an early birthday present, I got a nice, badass 19" widescreen monitor. In serious lust with it.

Also, was able to fix the issue I had where rottenshit and funkyshit weren't talking (but other machines worked fine with both). Not quite sure what was going on, but its fixed.

Today, got to goto the Cards game, where we beat the Giants ass. 6-1. The new ball park is really nice, although still miss the old Busch.

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Just had my fucking monitor die on me. Second damn one this year. Damn it, why now… And my room smells all smokey…

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WWDC in review, and other oddities.

For those who have seen the live coverage of the WWDC, please throw your two cents in.

Personally, I have mixed feelings on this keynote. In typical Jobs fashion, there was some neat things released today, such as the Mac Pro, however there were also some let down. The largest let down was the total lack "one more thing". Maybe the Paris conference next month will have something neat, but untill then just kinda put a bummer on things here.

For those of you that surf from work, try http://www.workfriendly.net/, which takes any page and puts it into a window that appears like a Word document.

In other news, my one pig, Hamlet, seems to have come down with heatstroke. It doesn't seem to be really bad, but I still hope he gets better.

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Right now, trying to duplicate my old hard drive from the AMD64 onto a second drive. its been going at it for about 14 hours now, and roughly half done. This has been a giant pain in the ass since the drive wasnt always recognized at boot. I really hope I can get the data from it.

Been trying to get a hold of UMSL, but keep getting a busy signal at every number I call, every time I call. Hopefully I can get through soon.

For the most part, things are still kind of a clusterfuck here, with a giant ass hole in my front yard for the last week left when they were accessing the water main. Some assfucker was messing around in our back yard and unlatched the gate for the turkeys, latched the chain to the fence (something we never do) and left the gate wide open. Its also been hotter than all shit, being 100+ for pretty much every day since beginning of July, with the exceptions of the days it stormed. Also, in the next week will have to be at a lawyers to do something about the neighbor who's squatting on some property at the farm. Third time since the guy has moved in 8 years ago he's pulled up the survey stakes, pulled up our fence posts, and built a fence over on our property. This time though, he's not budging, claiming his property line is like 15 feet past where the county recorder, his deed, our deed, etc says it is.So, we have to serve him with a notice that he has to remove his fence and buildings that are on our property. If we just remove his fence and barns, he could sue us, even though its well onto our property and violating Missouri state law (which says that a permanent building cannot be closer than 10 feet from the edge of the property line).

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