Crap I want to get
November 30, 2005

Basically, these are things that I want to get, so if any of you kind people are so inclined to give me a present. For the most part, people always ask “What do you want” around birthdays or holidays, this way I have a handy list. Also, this way, I can keep track of what I want without forgetting something (trust me, it happens). Stuff with a line through it means I have it, or no longer want it. An example is my PDA down at the bottom.

MiniMate or MiniStack
Firewire Analog Video Capture/Input Device
Wacom Cintiq 21ux
Hard drives – any I can get.
802.11G Wireless Bridge (Wireless ethernet adapter)
Compact Flash cards (any size)
SD Cards (Any size)
stackable USB hub for the Mac Mini
Customizer 104 key USB keyboard
Foldable bluetooth keyboard.
Sharp Zaurus SL-5500

Softimage XSI (For Linux)
Postal 2 (for Linux)
Stubbs the Zombie (for Mac)
GT Legends

Gamecube Games and Accessories
1080 Avalanche
Batman Vengance
Bomberman Generation
Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Midway Arcade Treasures 2
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance
Rogue Squadron Rogue Leader or RS Rebel Strike
Sonic Mega Collection
Soul Calibur II
Star Wars: Jedi Knight II
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
X-men Next Dimension
X2 Wolverine’s Revenge
Action Replay

PS2 Games And Accessories
Dynasty Warriors 4
Devil May Cry
Starwars Fighter
Armored Core 3
Time Crisis 3
Datel Action Replay MAX Drive
Madcatz RetroCON

Xbox Games and Accessories
Evil Dead: Regeneration
Mech Assault (Original Release, not Platinum Hits release)

Xbox 360 Games and Accessories
MS Points
Army of Two
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Bladestorm – The 100 Years War
Burnout Revenge
Dead Rising
Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires
Gears of War
Saints Row 2

Wii Games and Accessories
Wii nunchuk addon for Wiimote
Wii Points
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Project H.A.M.M.E.R.
Rampage: Total Destruction

Sengoku Action

Darkman 3
Doctor Who (2005 relaunch) Seasons 1, 2 and 3
Fantastic Four Best Buy Exclusive Box set
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Hulk (wide screen)
Land of the Dead
Reverend Horton Heat – Live and In Color
Two Lane Blacktop
Vanishing Point (Remake and Original)

Anything by Mojo Nixon
Reverend Horton Heat – Lucky 7
Southern Culture on the Skids – For Lovers Only
Southern Culture on the Skids – Girl Fight
Southern Culture on the Skids – Liquored up and Laquered down
Southern Culture on the Skids – Live at El Sol
Southern Culture on the Skids – Santo Swings
Southern Culture on the Skids – Zombified
Anything by TISM

Guitar Stuff
D’Addario “Chrome” Guitar Strings .11-.65 (Orange Package)
Dunlop Straploks – Dual Purpose nickel
Gibson style pickup selector switch
Crate CPB150 Power Block amp

Art Supplies
Sanford/Rotring Drawing Board
More at Dick Blick

Armor Wars REV Captain America
Armor Wars REV Iron Man
Armor Wars REV War Machine
Giants full set
Indy Rasputin Experienced and Veteran
Infinity Challenge or Universe REV Hulk
Infinity Challenge or Universe Starter Set

Running with Scissors shot up Sign
“No I will not fix your computer” shirt
Small sword
Throwing knives (8″ to 10″)
Kendo sword
East German Helmet
Lego #4105 – 487 Piece Bucket
STFU Shirt

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