Fun Fun Silly Willy
March 16, 2005

Meh. worked a bit on the old family computer, since my brother is taking it and my mom wanted a document off it. Damn thing shot up to 145 degrees, idling. CPU was at 0%. Damn thing heated up my room to where its 10 or so degrees hotter than the rest of the house. Gotta get it cooled down before my bro takes it.

Not too much is going on. Watched Ice Age tonight, good movie. Also got a NNTP news server running on funkyshit here. Friend of mine is moving soon (He's been trekking over Europe and Canada now), and he's getting ready to head again, so wanted to stay in contact with some people, so I set up news, email, etc for him where he can get it all remotely.

As a thing that really sucked, on the PT, got ahold of the doc's today, and they said they wont give another order for PT without an appointment and work comp has to approve it. Fuckers.

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