'allo 'allo

London, zis is nighthawk, can you 'ear me?

Yeah I know that I've not posted much lately.

New things that have happened.

First up, last week I switched SR3 over from CVS to SVN at Source Forge. Reason for this is because CVS was a pain in the ass, and was constantly having server issues where it was down. Not good. Also on SR3, we've had some people helping out. one guy is working on a plugin to export from blender. Yay! Also, another guy has been helping improve stuff with OpenGL, by adding in things such as Antialaising. Plus, hopefully, next release will include versions for OSX and Linux as well, instead of just telling people its possible and having them roll their own.

For gaming, I played and beat Final fantasy Mystic Quest. Was a really short game, I beat it in the last two evenings, but besides that it was fun and I really dont know why people rag on it so much. Also, another reason to lust for the Wii: Sengoku Action. For those not familiar with it, since its received extremely little press, its a branch of the Koei series Dynasty Warriors, based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but looks to be set in Japan during the same period. Still, running around, killing tons of people with swords is fun!

Well, massive storm is coming through, probably will lose power and such, so I'll be going. Talk later.

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