Holy crap!
March 7, 2007

Things have been hell here lately.

I know I haven't posted in a while, but that is due to various issues, mainly being my net connection being down more than it is up. When it has been up, it has been horribly slow, like how it has been the last few days, where it was going at 20kbps and slower (Monday night, 4kbps). When you're having speeds like that, and 40%+ packet loss, it may as well be completely down. Plus, Got a new hard drive in Monstershit, got everything installed on the new drive, migrated everything over, only to have monstershit have it's CPU burn out 4 days later (freezes on boot now).

Yes, I am still doing the Wii exercise thing, and have everything written down, and will be adding that info shortly.

Also, I upgraded the blog software, so hopefully won't be getting any more spam.

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