September 11, 2007

I know I've not been around in quite some time. For the most part, I've just not been in the mood.

Working at "Toys B We" (not allowed to use their copyrights or trademarks, especially in blogs, as per the employee contract, so have to use this approximation). Things kinda suck there. Anal on rules, and screwy hours. Sunday I worked a 12 hour shift, but for the most part so far, they've only on average given me 12 hours (this week, since I am filling in for someone on some days, I have 27, still, only 2 weeks since I started there have I worked more than 15 hours counting this week). Still, its a paycheck.

Since I was here last, had a few deaths as well. Bill passed away, and that was particularly rough, due to how he went. Still, he had a long life, and was 23. Spam died just a week ago. She was going on 17, so had a good run as well.

For a while, I was playing a lot of Second Life. Kinda got out of it, too much drama, and also the client is a horrid buggy piece of shit.

Lately, mostly been watching different TV shows I've downloaded. Have the Mac mini hooked up to the TV, and using that. Great for video podcasts and what not. Also trying to work on getting a mythbox together. Already have the tuner card (pcHDTV HD-3000), and most of the parts. Now just need to get a hard drive in it, and start getting things set up.

Monstershit has been back up and running. Happy about that. Turns out the CPU fan was dying, and so wouldn't always start. Got the fan running for a while, but it was just a temporary thing. New heatsink and fan on today, keeping things a little better. Idle temps are a bit too hot for my taste (~120F), but the top temp is inline with what they used to be (~130F). Odd how it has such a short range.

Also, have had the start of birthday goodness. Yesterday, received a brand new 3rd gen iPod Nano from some really good friends of mine. Thing is really tiny, and sounds great. Plus awesome battery life. I really appreciate it, but still think it was too much.

Plus, fixed a few issues on the blog. For a while, it decided to not let me log in, which was quite annoying.

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