Another power outage… ugh, cant ever get a decent uptime!

On computer related things, I hit a brick wall on the network processing stuff. The xgridagent software that I've been working on uses the old standards for Xgrid. With Tiger, some stuff for Xgrid changed… Basically, till I can figure out what to change in the code, or someone else updates, no go.

Got my PDA running again, also did some work to make it better.

Also took a look at the next release of Firefox. Renders fucking fast, and seems really nice. I'll stick with the latest official firefox, but shows that there's alot to look forward to.

For SR3 fans, its working under Linux now. Hope to get packages released soon, and already got a howto up for those who roll their own.

And, got new glasses, so those of you who didnt like the old ones, well, these are different.

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